Furry Pests Control

Have you been hearing the pitter patter of unknown sources in your ceiling at night? Roof rats and field mice are the most common rodents invading homes in our area. Rodents can cause serious health concerns, as they are known vectors of disease, carry harmful parasites, and cause contamination to food.

Additionally, due to their constant gnawing, rodents have been known to cause many household fires from chewing on electrical wiring. Gophers and moles can become pests when they invade your lawn and garden causing damage to the grass, landscape, and plants. The first step in gopher control or mole control service is to properly identify the pest in your garden.

Furry Pest Control


Do you Need Yard Pest Control

Do you Need Yard Pest Control?

Eliminating pests from your yard are just as important as getting rid of those that you have found inside your home. There’s a good chance that without proper outside pest control for your yard, you could be facing a lawn

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