5 Pest Control Myths You Can Stop Believing

Pest control isn’t a fun topic of conversation, especially if you’re the home or business owner. However, it’s important that you get your facts straight about pest management. It’s best to realize that you have a damaging and health-threatening situation on your hands so you can get it fixed. Here’s the inside scoop on some of the most common myths that people believe.

5 Pest Control Myths You Can Stop Believing

Myth #1: I Don’t Need Pest Control Unless There’s an Infestation

Waiting until your home or office is overrun with pests is the worst thing you could do. The most effective pest control plans actually begin before they’re needed. Having treatment applied early can ultimately prevent a pest infestation of any kind. By the time you notice the first signs of a pesky intruder, the structure could already be under full attack. Always remember, just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Myth #2: Rodents Are Harmless

Rodents carry all kinds of diseases, often leaving contaminated droppings anywhere they please. Their droppings can make humans very sick if they come into contact with one another. You also shouldn’t forget about their tendency to chew through wires. The damage rodents cause to wiring is capable of causing structural fires. Don’t think there’s only one mouse or rat that found its way inside. Rodents don’t travel solo and don’t stray too far away from the rest of their group. If you see one, assume you have a whole bunch more.

Myth #3: Bed Bugs Only Invade Dirty Establishments

Bed bugs are sneaky hitchhikers. They will catch a ride on clothing, luggage, or other items into whichever establishment they see fit. They are always looking to spread and don’t discrimination much on conditions. This means that any home or workplace is equally susceptible to an infestation. Clutter or filth can make it more of a challenge to end a bed bug problem, but it won’t be the cause of it.

Myth #4: My Homeowners Insurance Will Cover the Damage

Many homeowners never take the time to read through their home insurance policies. They assume things about it, but most couldn’t tell you for sure. This often holds true when it comes to the terms of termite and other pest damage. It isn’t until there are thousands of dollars to be had in repairs that they find out they aren’t covered. Most homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude this kind of loss. This exclusion makes it even more important to get regular pest inspections before damage is done.

Myth #5: DIY Pest Control Methods Are as Effective as Professional Ones

With so many sprays, baits, and other treatments sold on the market it’s natural to think that’s all you’ll need. It often takes more to eradicate a pest problem. They may take care of the issue or they might not. If you want long-lasting and sufficient pest control, making it into a DIY project isn’t the way to go. Professional pest control technicians will be able to apply stronger treatments. These professionals have special equipment and a trained eye.

Before you discount the need for professional pest control, reconsider. Not protecting your home in a safe way could have long lasting repercussions.

5 Pest Control Myths You Can Stop Believing Now
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