Ground Squirrel Control

Do you have ground squirrels damaging your property?

California ground squirrels can be quite a nuisance, and they can cause serious damage to your property. Their extensive tunneling can cause damage to walkways, retaining walls, earthen dams, and other structures and hardscapes. The tunnel holes can create the potential for people and animals to trip and fall and become injured. And these unsightly tunnel openings can also ruin the appearance of lawns and fine landscaping.

Ground Squirrels vs. Tree Squirrels There are many species of squirrels in the Bay Area which can create a removal challenge. Although ground squirrels look similar to tree squirrels, ground squirrels will tend to retreat to a burrow in the ground, whereas tree squirrels will climb a tree or some structure and never use a burrow.

In most cases, a trained professional is required to handle ground squirrel issues legally and effectively.

A trained professional can examine your particular situation, identify the species involved, and determine the most effective methods to help control your ground squirrel infestation and work to lower the chance of future ground squirrel problems.

Ground Squirrels are classified as non-game mammals by the California Fish and Game Code. As such, they may be controlled in any legal manner. However, their range overlaps in some areas with other squirrels that are classified as protected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Killroy pest control hires experienced experts in all the issues concerning ground squirrel control.

Large Infestations

For large areas, Killroy uses the Tunnel Topper® process which uses a sand & water slurry to fill in the tunnels. This process repairs the damage, while at the same time eliminates the cause. This process is extremely effective and fast. It uses no poisons and can be implemented any time of the year. It’s an ideal solution for school grounds, special turf areas, and ranches. Customer have been thrilled with the results. Not only are the squirrels gone, but the damage has been repaired too. Athletes, children, and animals can use the area with a returned sense of safety.

Residential Problems

Killroy’s ground squirrel specialist will evaluate your particular situation and determine the most appropriate method to solve your problem. He will take into account the extent of the problem, the surrounding environment, household pets, and any special concerns you may have. Your technician and office staff are there for you throughout the solution process to help and to answer questions.

Ground Squirrel Control

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