Gophers are small, burrowing rodents known for their destructive digging habits. Gophers may be found in North America and Central America and can wreak havoc on crops. While gophers are important to their ecosystem, they also reproduce quickly, making it important to understand how to manage them.

Gophers are small, burrowing rodents native to southern North America and Central America.

They are not native to Europe, Asia or Africa. Gophers have a cylindrical body covered with fur that can vary in color from almost white to brownish red or black. Their eyes are small and their ears are short and rounded. They have a short tail that is usually hidden in their fur.

Gophers have powerful forelimbs with large claws used for digging their burrows into the earth. The front teeth grow continuously so they don’t wear down like human teeth do—this allows them to eat tough roots while also allowing them to chew on wood when necessary (like when building nests).

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Gophers are excellent diggers and can manipulate soil in ways that may be detrimental to crops.

Soil manipulation is when gophers dig tunnels, which can lead to soil erosion and disrupt crop roots.

Gophers can also be beneficial to the soil by improving aeration, increasing water penetration and bringing up nutrients from deeper layers.

Female gophers reproduce twice per year, producing two to five young per litter.

Female gophers reproduce twice per year, producing two to five young per litter. A female will give birth to her first litter of between one and three babies in late March or early April. She may have a second litter a few months later in July or August that could include up to five young, but this is dependent on the availability of food and shelter.

Gophers are not very social. In fact, they spend most of their lives alone except during mating season (2 times/year) and when females have babies (2/yr). They don’t even defend territories like other rodents do; instead, they just stake out burrows for themselves and make sure nobody else uses them! Gopher population growth is therefore limited by available space rather than competition from other gophers trying to move into new areas where they might find better food sources or mates—which makes sense because there aren’t many predators around that would want a tasty morsel like this little guy anyway!

It is important to know about gophers if you live in areas where they are native.

It is important to know about gophers if you live in areas where they are native.

Gophers can be a problem for farmers and golf courses in the United States, as well as people who want to build houses and plant gardens.

Gophers can be a strange animal for some people, but if you live in areas where they are native, it is important to know about them. Gophers are not harmful to humans, but they may be destructive to crops and gardens. Understanding the gopher’s behavior will help you determine the best way to keep them out of your yard or garden. If you have questions about gophers, talk with your local professional pest control company for more information on how they can help you control these creatures around your home.

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Gopher Pest Control Services

If you have a gopher problem, call Killroy Pest Control. We offer gopher pest control services to homeowners. If you are experiencing gopher problems, we can help. It is important to know if you have gophers so that you can get rid of them quickly and effectively. Below are some signs that indicate the presence of gophers:

  • Your yard has mounds of dirt with plant material sticking out of them
  • You see small holes in your yard or garden
  • Grass around your house is dead
  • Your dog digs in the yard for no apparent reason

How do you know if you have gophers?

According to the University of California, a common sign that you have gophers is mounds of loose soil at the base of your plants or trees. If you see these mounds, it’s likely that you’ve got gophers.

How do I get rid of them?

The best way to get rid of gophers is with a professional service like Killroy Pest Control. A trained technician will be able to identify the best course of action for your property and put together an effective treatment plan that works with your schedule and budget.

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