Winter Guide to Termite Inspections

Winter Guide to Termite Inspections

Termite activity is generally more noticeable during the warmer months, leading people to believe that this is the only time they need to really worry about an infestation.

While seasons and temperatures do tend to affect the habits of these wood-eating pests, the truth is that termites stay active all year long regardless of the weather outside, and they will still target your property if given the opportunity. This is because a termite colony’s ultimate goal is to gain access to food, shelter, moisture, and a comfortable climate, which your home provides year-round.

Below is a general overview of how these pesky critters behave in the winter and why termite inspections and treatment are necessary no matter what the outside elements bring.

Termite Habits in Winter

People tend to see more termite activity in the spring and summer because this is when they are typically leaving their nests in swarms to search for new colonies. Thus, there may be visible evidence of a nearby colony, such as discarded wings, droppings, mud tubes, etc., but just because they may not be as obvious doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.

Unfortunately, cold conditions won’t kill termites off or drive them away. It just forces them to burrow deeper within the soil or wood sources that they find outside and makes the heat coming from inside your home that much more appealing. That means that the piles of firewood that you have stored for the winter are especially vulnerable, and if termites have already made it indoors, then you can count on them to stay and continue feeding in the warm environment.

Termite Inspection Goals

Whether it’s done in winter, spring, summer, or fall, there are a few main goals of having an annual termite inspection done – to save money, to avoid structural damages, and to allow you to rest easy.

Having a pest control professional inspect your property regularly is actually more cost-effective than waiting until your home has already become Infested and you’re forced to pay out for major home repairs.

Termites can go undetected for years, all the while making a meal out of your house, so it’s also important for your own safety to know that the structure isn’t being weakened by termite activity before it comes crumbling down around you.

Finally, the peace of mind that you will receive after getting a termite-free report or after finding out that you’ve caught a problem early enough for it to be resolved quickly and inexpensively is invaluable.

As winter approaches, don’t get so warm and cozy inside that you neglect to continue with your termite inspection and treatment and allow the door to open for these destructive insects to come right on in and wreak havoc on your home and wallet.

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