What You Can Expect From a Pest Control Inspection

What You Can Expect From a Pest Control Inspection

Professional and thorough home inspections serve as the first step in pest control prevention.

The ideal situation is to stop an infestation from ever starting, but to do this, homeowners need the expert eye and advice of a trained pest control technician. Not only are they better-equipped with tools and treatments than the average person is with their store-bought pesticides and DIY methods, but an exterminator can spot potential problem areas and recommend an effective treatment plan that will cover all your bases. For true peace of mind that you aren’t sharing your home with creepy crawly insects and rodents, it’s a good idea to schedule regular pest inspections. Below is an overview of what you can expect from this service.

Search For Signs of Pest Activity

Your pest control professional will need to efficiently inspect both the inside and outside of your property for proof of any current pest activity. Evidence of insect or rodent intrusion indoors may include droppings, holes in food packaging, nesting, strange odors and hollow sounds coming from walls, wooden door frames, etc. Outdoors, an inspector will look for things like holes in the lawn, damaged plants and other vegetation, chewed electrical wires and signs of ant hills, cobwebs or whatever else a pest may call home.

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Assess the Property For Potential Pest Problems

It’s critical that the entire property is assessed for future concerns and entry points as well. Pest control inspectors are familiar with the habits of critters that commonly plague homes and know exactly where to check to see if you’re unknowingly inviting them in. These trouble areas often center around bathrooms, kitchens, crawlspaces, garages, gutters and anyplace that harbors standing water.

Review Findings/Make Treatment Recommendations

Once the inspection has been completed, your technician will prepare a report of their findings and go over it with you in detail. At this time, they may see nothing to worry about and suggest a later date for follow-up or make recommendations for a treatment program to remove the presence of an infestation or prevent a possible one. They will go over all your options and help you decide on a solution that will be effective and that you are comfortable with.

The importance of pest control inspections go much deeper than the surface of your home. Insects and rodents can be very damaging to structures, so this simple service can end up saving you a great deal of money and the burden of major repairs in the long run.

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