Why Call the Professionals at Killroy Pest Control

why call Killroy Pest Control services
Anyone who has visited a home supply center has probably walked down one of the aisles where the pest control products are. You can find things such as mousetraps, ant baits, fly traps, rodent traps, and insect sprays that promise to be the magic cure for your pest problems.

But when it comes right down to it, after using these products, the pests and their associated problems return sooner or later. And in some cases, these quick and easy solutions don’t work at all.

It is at this point that many turn to the professionals, and among the best, is Killroy Pest Control.

Pest Detectives

The reason why pests return to the scene of the crime, otherwise known as your home, is because the root of the problem isn’t directly dealt with when using off-the-shelf consumer products. You may have caught a mouse, but the infestation or nest hasn’t been eliminated.

Using insect sprays may eliminate bugs you see, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What isn’t seen are the various nooks and crannies that these pests live, breed, and hide in – inside the walls, under your house, in the attic, in kitchen cabinets, and other places. Without proper attention to these hotspots, wave after wave of these critters will continue to invade your property.

The professionals at Killroy Pest Control are some of the best pest detectives around. They know all the telltale signs that pests leave behind and can track down their hideouts like a bloodhound to its prey.

They can also identify the probable causes of your pest control problems and offer advice and consultation on how to eliminate them at the source. This will help to keep these pests from coming back by modifying the environments that are attractive to them.

Pest Doctors

The experts at Killroy Pest Control aren’t pest doctors for their own benefit, but are pest doctors to help you feel better. Pests aren’t just an unsightly annoyance; they can also affect the general hygiene and health in your home.

The proper cure for these pest invasions includes a thorough inspection of the problem areas of your home or business and taking measures to dispose of them and keep the problem from coming back again.

This may involve professional trapping equipment, professional-grade sprays, minor house adjustments, or other professional methods to eliminate and control pests.

Quick, Responsive, and Friendly Service

Although eliminating pests is first and foremost in the minds of everyone at Killroy Pest Control, we have extremely high standards to make sure all of our crew gives you the attention, respect, and friendliness that you deserve, while performing a grade A job.

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