Turkestan cockroach

Turkestan cockroaches are a species of cockroach that is native to Central Asia. They have been introduced to many other parts of the world, including North America, Australia and South Africa.

Turkestan cockroaches are one of the largest species of cockroach in the world. They can grow up to 2 inches long, which is longer than most other species of cockroach. Turkestan cockroaches have a tan-colored body and they have two light stripes on their thoraxes (upper bodies) that run down their backs.

Turkestan Cockroach Habitat

Turkestan cockroaches like warm humid climates and can be found in damp places such as cellars, sewers, basements, kitchens etc.. They can also be found outdoors under stones or plant debris during daytime but at night they hide inside houses or other buildings to avoid predators such as cats, dogs etc. Turkestan cockroaches feed on organic matter such as plants.

Turkestan cockroach (Blatta lateralis)
Turkestan cockroach (Blatta lateralis)

What are the differences between the Turkestan and German Cockroaches

Adult German cockroaches are about 1/2 inch long (13 mm), wingless and brownish-red with two parallel dark stripes on their backs (see photo below). Their bodies are covered with tiny hairs that give them a grayish appearance when viewed under a microscope.

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Types of Cockroaches in the Bay Area

The German Cockroach is the most common type of cockroach. They are small, brown, and have two dark stripes on their back.

The American Cockroach is the second most common type of cockroach. They are large, brown, and have a light-colored band on their back.
The Oriental Cockroach is the third most common type of cockroach. They are large, black, and have no stripes on their back.

The Brown-banded Cockroach is a distant fourth as they are very uncommon in our climate. They are small, brown, and have two dark bands on their back.

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