Wild Animals Pest Control in Tracy

Wild animals create an array of problems. From destroying your beautiful landscape or garden to causing fire hazards and disease.

When you get Killroy Pest Control on your side, wild animal pest control in Tracy becomes easy. The best wildlife removal companies in the industry know how to handle every type of animal. You may not think it but there are several types of animals that can be found in your home or business. We offer a wide range of services for all types of wildlife removal and control services in order to keep your property safe and clean.

Animal Pest Control Services

Protecting Property Against Wildlife

A wildlife problem can be a nuisance, but it can also be harmful to you and your family. You may need to take action on several levels to get the situation under control. Killroy’s pest control services in Tracy are sure to get your critter issue under control.

Wild Animal Pest Control Professionals

The following steps outline the best way to deal with a pest wildlife problem:

  • Contact a licensed wildlife removal professional who knows how to remove all types of pests safely and effectively.

  • Take steps you can do yourself

    • Clean up trash so that rats don’t have anything to eat

    • Seal up holes in your house where squirrels might enter

    • Put screens over windows that open onto ledges where birds could nest

    • Use repellents for bees if there are too many flowers nearby.

How to Remove a Possum from the Attic of Your House?

If you have a possum living in the attic of your house, it’s important to get that animal out as soon as possible. Possums can cause serious damage to your home, and if they’re not removed from the attic quickly, they can do even more damage. If you want to remove a possum from your home or business, here are some tips to help you:

Opossum Pest Control

How to Get Rid of a Raccoon in the Attic?

Raccoon Pest Control

If you are trying to get rid of raccoons, there are a number of options available to you. While some people may attempt to remove raccoons on their own, this can be dangerous and should only be done if the proper precautions have been taken.

When it comes to trapping raccoons, there are many different methods you can use.

The most common way is with live traps that allow the animal inside but cannot get out once they are inside. Once trapped, you will need to take it somewhere far away from your home. Somewhere it won’t be able to return or cause any more problems for other homeowners in the area.

If possible, try not to handle any wildlife yourself.

They could have diseases such as rabies which could make them aggressive towards humans.

Why Should You Hire Professional Wildlife Removal?

When you have wildlife in your home, it’s important to have a professional do the removal.

You can’t know for sure if the animal is rabid or not and it’s dangerous to try and handle a sick animal yourself. It is also very hard to know what kind of damage an animal can cause when they get into your home.

A trained professional knows how to properly use all of their tools so they can quickly get rid of any nuisance animals that may be residing in your home.

Mice In Your Home and Business

Mice are becoming a major problem in homes and businesses around the country. These small rodents can fit through holes the size of a quarter, so they can easily get into your home through any opening. A mouse will chew through wood and plastic to find its way inside of your home.

If you have mice living under your floorboards in your basement, attic or roof space then there is a good chance that you will also notice them getting into electrical wires. This can lead to dangerous situations if left unchecked for too long.

It is important for homeowners to take steps early on when dealing with these pests by calling a mouse pest control professional. Once they become established in one area of the house they will continue expanding their territory until every room has been affected by their presence.

Controlling Hummingbirds

Hummingbird Pest Control

When you need a pest wildlife removal service, you need to make sure that the company you hire is qualified to handle your unique situation.

For example, when it comes to hummingbirds, they are not pests at all. In fact, they are protected animals and should be left alone. They also don’t harm humans or the environment in any way whatsoever. In addition, they aren’t harmful toward other animals or crops either!

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