Rat Pest Control in Tracy

Rats are a common pest that can quickly become an infestation if left untreated. If you think there might be rats in your home, contact Killroy Pest Control for professional rat removal in Tracy. Our exterminators will inspect your property to determine the source of the problem. We then create a treatment plan that targets all areas where rats may be nesting or hiding.

Rat Pest Control Services from Killroy Pest Control

Rat control starts with an inspection by one of our technicians. A thorough inspection will determine where rats are getting into your home or business and what types of food they are eating. We’ll discuss treatment options with you before we begin any work so you know exactly what to expect.


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Rats can be difficult to control

Rats are difficult to kill because they can live in small spaces, such as behind walls and under furniture. Rats are also good climbers, which helps them avoid getting caught in traps. Because of their high level of intelligence, rats can quickly learn how to avoid traps and other measures. Rats also have excellent senses of smell, hearing, touch and taste. This makes it hard for people to catch them by surprise with poison baits or glue boards.

Rats can carry diseases like salmonella as well as various parasites such as fleas or ticks. Since these type of parasites spread from one animal to another, it’s important to not only deal with the problem, but also include preventative maintenance.

We have all the tools and expertise necessary to identify and eliminate rats from your home

Our technicians are well-trained in rat pest control. They will be able to find out exactly where they’re hiding, then treat it with the appropriate measures. Once we’ve identified and treated a rat problem in Tracy, we’ll also make sure that any entry points are sealed up. Once these openings are sealed off permanently (and treated), it will help keep them away for good.

Pest Control for Rats in Tracy

Rats sneak into homes through the smallest openings

Rats have a habit of sneaking into homes through the smallest openings they can find, often in attics and basements. Rats are good climbers, so if you have a deck or balcony, there is a good chance that rats could be entering through it. Rats can also squeeze through tiny holes in walls or floors where wires pass through. This includes electrical sockets, electrical outlets, air vents and heating vents.

Rats are also excellent chewers—they can chew through wood beams, plastic pipes and even metal!

The most effective way to deal with a rat infestation is Killroy Pest Control

If you live in Tracy and are looking to deal with a rat infestation, look no further than Killroy Pest Control. We have been providing professional pest control in Tracy for years, providing the most effective rodent control services available.

As a family-owned business, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction. We can help you get rid of rats once and for all!

When you call Killroy Pest Control to remove rats from your home, we’ll first evaluate the situation and identify the source of the problem. We will then examine your property for potential entry points. After that, we will recommend a course of action based on our findings and provide you with an estimate.

Places you may find evidence of rats:

Protect your home from future infestations.

We can also help protect your home from future infestations. We offer a variety of rat control products, including:

  • Traps and bait stations to catch rats in their tracks and prevent them from coming back.
  • Poisons to kill rodents and keep their numbers low.
  • Repellents that keep rats away with scents or loud noises (such as ultrasonic devices) and sprinklers.
  • Barriers like blockades around furniture legs or under sinks. These barriers prevent intruders from getting into places where they’re not wanted, no matter how big or small the invaders is.

If you think you may have a rat problem, call Killroy Pest Control today!

We offer affordable rat control services that are tailored to fit your needs. Our licensed exterminators will identify how rats are entering and develop a plan of attack for eliminating them. Our service is fast, reliable, and completely non-toxic.

If you think you may have a rat problem, call Killroy Pest Control today! We will be happy to schedule a convenient appointment for an inspection at your home.

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