Ground Squirrel Control in Tracy

Do you have ground squirrels damaging your property?

Ground squirrels can create a huge nuisance and significant damage for Tracy properties. Their extensive burrow network can weaken foundations, retaining walls, earthen dams, and patios. The sizable openings to their tunnel system can create considerable stumbling problems for horses, athletes, and livestock. The unpleasant looking tunnel openings can wreck the appearance lawns and landscaping.

Large Infestations

Killroy Pest Control can take care of ground squirrel problem you face. Our exclusive Tunnel Topper process fills in the burrows using a water and sand slurry. Not only will this eradicate the problem, but it will also repair the damage. This process is safe, fast, and effective. There are no poisons, bait, gas, or traps used. This is a green and organic solution It is ideal for play grounds, equestrian centers, golf courses, and school grounds. Owners have loved the results. The ground squirrel problem has been taken care of and the holes have been filled also. Children, athletes, and animals will have a renewed sense of safety. We are the pest control company in Tracy your family can trust!

Residential Problems

Your technician will consider all of the methods of treatment to determine which will best solve your problem. He will consider the burrowing damage, the presence of household pets, the surrounding environment, and any special needs or concerns you may have. If you should have any questions or special needs through the process, your technician and Killroy office staff are only a phone call away. Call Killroy at 888-669-3460 today to get more information or to schedule appoint for eliminating your ground squirrels at your Tracy property.

Ground Squirrel Control

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