Bed Bug Pest Control and Extermination in Tracy

Bed bugs are one of the most prolific creatures in the world

What makes bed bugs so prolific? Well, for starters, they can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. No big deal, right? Bed bugs can lay eggs in as little as five days! This means that if you see one or two bed bugs in your home, you could end up with hundreds more in no time. Bed bugs are not limited to the bedroom either—they can hide out just about anywhere.

Bed bugs reproduce VERY fast!

Bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding on blood, and they lay eggs every five to ten days. These eggs are even tinier than the size of an eyelash and are difficult to see. Eggs hatch in about 10 days. Once you notice the first signs of bed bug infestation, it’s likely that there’s already been one generation born in your home, and probably more.

The problem is that getting rid of bed bugs is not as simple as reading some tips and tricks on the internet and trying them out yourself. Bed bugs are capable of hiding in the smallest crevices in your home and they can survive without feeding for several months. You will need to know what stage the pests are in, how many there are and where they’re located before you can act. Even then, your chances of success are slim unless you have professional help.

Removing them can be a long and complicated process

If an infestation is left unchecked, it can take several months or even years to get rid of bed bugs completely. This means repeatedly using chemicals and other pesticide-based products.

With Killroy Pest Control, you can worry less while we take care of the problem for you.

You can breathe easier knowing that Killroy Pest Control is on the job. We treat your home to eliminate any bed bugs hiding in it. We will inspect your home to find out how many bed bugs you have and where they are located. We’ll give you a free quote for treatment based on our findings. Save your time and energy and let us do it right the first time. Call Killroy Pest Control when you have a bed bug issue in Tracy.

We have been in business for decades. When you call us for bed bug control you can rest assured that you are working with a company that is experienced. We are family owned and operated, fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

There are some things you can do to reduce the chances that you'll bring bed bugs into your home.

Killroy professional bed bug control services in Tracy

If you’re looking for pest control services in Tracy, then Killroy Pest Control can help. Whether you live in an apartment or own your home, we’ll give you the same great service at an affordable price. If you’re experiencing a bed bug problem in Tracy, call Killroy Pest Control right away. We’ll come out and inspect your home for signs of infestation and help you get rid of them once and for all.

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