Ant Pest Control in San Jose

Killroy Pest Control can begin solving your ant problem right away!

Warm weather brings about a number of little pests and critters inside of your property. What starts as one pest can quickly turn into thousands before you realize it.

Ants can quickly turn around and start making their presence known on your counters, in your food and anywhere else you can think of. After discovering your ant problem, you need to bring in Killroy Pest Control to get to the bottom of it.

Imagine how much damage a whole bunch of ants could do to your home if you don’t do something about them right away. They are going to end up breeding and populating in a way unlike anything you can imagine. They get into your cupboards, food pantry and anywhere else they can find a home. These nasty pests can quickly take over your space. You need to do whatever you can to get them gone once and for all.

Many people think that it is very easy to get rid of ants. However, traps and sprays do not always work very effectively and often keep coming back. Killroy uses a new form of technology that takes the worry about ants invading your home or business ever again. They get rid of them instantly and also use a preventative method to keep them from coming back. They have lots of experience in the industry to provide guaranteed work each and every time.

Are you a homeowner, business owner, or school who is looking for someone who can come out and get rid of unwanted pests? Do you need someone you can trust to handle the situation for you? If so, you need look no further than the team at Killroy. Since 1956, Killroy has been a family owned business helping people of the community get rid of their pests once and for all.

Ants and Ant Pest Control Services

Argentine Ants

(most common in kitchens, famous for “trails”)
Argentine Ant Pest Control Services

Carpenter Ants

(excavate galleries and damage wood structures)
Carpenter Ant Pest Control Services
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