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Rodents are not a pleasant thing to have in your home or business. If you are seeing rodents like mice and rats, they are likely not alone. Rodents look for shelter during the wetter months and will find their way into any building that offers warmth and food. How do you know if you have a rodent problem? It might be droppings or noises in the walls, but they can also be easier to spot than that. Rodents carry diseases and can contaminate food supplies. Pest control services from Killroy Pest Control can keep rodents away for good!

Norway Rat Rattus norvegicus
The Norway rat is the most common in the bay area.
House Mouse
The most common mouse is the house mouse.

Do you have a rodent pest problem?

Rodents are not a pleasant thing to have in your home or business. They can carry diseases and contaminate food supplies. Rodents can also cause damage to structures, by chewing on electrical wires and ruining insulation. Rodent infestations can also be a fire hazard, since there is always the risk of them gnawing through walls that have been compromised by other pests like termites.

If you notice signs of rodent activity around your property—such as droppings or gnaw marks on pipes—it’s time for Killroy Pest Control!

Deer Mouse
Deer mice are common in urban and rural areas of California.
Roof Rat Rattus rattus
Roof rats are good climbers and can be found in attics and trees.

One Mouse or Rat Tends to Mean There Are More

Rodents are often seen alone, but they can also travel in packs. Mice are not the only rodents you might see; rats are larger and more aggressive than mice. Rats can be a health hazard to humans, as well as contaminate food supplies. Rodents can carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans through bites and scratches or from contact with their saliva or feces.

They look for warmth and food during the wetter months

Rodents are looking for warmth and food in the winter months. They will enter buildings that offer both. The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is by making sure that the building is well sealed. This includes around pipes and electrical wires and in crawl spaces or attic. You should also keep your yard clear of brush and wood piles that could provide shelter for rodents.

How do you know if you have a rodent problem?

Rodents can be seen in the daytime. They will also be heard at night, but not necessarily during the day. If you have any indication that there may be rodents living in your home or business, it’s time to call Killroy .

If you notice a strong smell like rotten food coming from somewhere in your house, it could mean that there is a dead rat. Rodent droppings are small and look like black pepper sprinkled over everything they land on. They’re often found around water sources as well as garbage cans and pet food dishes.

Rodents are attracted to food and water sources. If you have any type of trash sitting around outside make sure it’s covered up tight. Consider storing all other edible items inside cabinets after each use because leaving them out exposes them to rodents.

Mice in Morgan Hill

House mice and deer mice are both pests that can be found in homes. The house mouse is a common pest in homes, while the deer mouse is less likely to enter buildings. Both mice are common pests in Morgan Hill.

  • House Mice: The house mouse can live anywhere people live, but it prefers to nest in warm, dry places such as basements and attics. House mice are omnivorous, eating both plant matter and meat. These pests love food scraps and will chew through plastic bags to get to them. They also eat pet food left out on the floor or countertop.
  • Deer Mice: Deer mice prefer open areas such as fields and meadows for their habitat instead of buildings. Deer mice are small animals with brown fur tinged with gray on their sides and white bellies. They have large eyes that give them excellent night vision and large ears for hearing predators. Their tails are about twice their body length when fully grown. Their tail helps them balance when jumping or moving quickly across the ground.

Rats in Morgan Hill

Norway rats and roof rats are two of the most common rodents in the world, and the most common rats in Morgan Hill. They are often mistaken for each other because of their similar appearance and behavior. Here are some things to know about these pests:

  • Norway Rat: The Norway rat is the largest rat species found in the U.S. They weigh about 1 pound on average, but can grow up to 2 pounds with a length of up to 12 inches. Their bodies are brown or gray in color with a lighter belly and tail. Their tails are longer than their body length and have hair at the tip that is darker than the rest of their body fur.
  • Roof Rat: Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats with a body length between 7-10 inches long, weighing less than half as much as Norway rats. Roof rats have shorter tails compared to their body length that do not have hair at the tip like Norway rats do. Roof rat fur is blackish brown on top. Their bellies are usually grayish white in color but may sometimes be yellowish white or pale brown.

It might be droppings or noises in the walls, but they can also be easier to spot than that

Rodents are easier to spot than you might think. They can leave droppings in your home or yard, and they also make noises. Rodents are nocturnal animals, so you may not see them during the day. However, if you’re hearing scratching or chewing sounds coming from inside your walls and ceilings at night, it could be evidence of rodent activity.

Rodents carry diseases and can contaminate food supplies

Rodents can transmit diseases to humans, contaminate food supplies and cause fires. Rodents also damage property by chewing on electrical wiring, causing fires. They can chew through wood and plastic, causing structural damage to building materials such as siding.

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Killroy Pest Control can keep rodents away for good!

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