Ground Squirrel Control in Livermore

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Ground squirrels are beautiful creatures. They have large, brown eyes and their fur is soft to touch. But what most people don’t know about the ground squirrel is that it can cause a lot of issues for your home or business. Ground squirrels like to burrow underground which means they can get into your walls and foundations very easily. This can lead to costly repairs down the road, so you need to take action now!

Ground squirrel population growth in Livermore has spiked dramatically over the past couple of years.

Ground Squirrel Control in Livermore

Ground squirrels are native to California and have a tendency to eat seeds, flowers, bulbs, bark and even roots of plants. Ground squirrels live in burrows that they dig in the ground. They also spend time on the surface of the ground as well.

Ground squirrels are very prolific and can produce two litters per year and each litter can consist of up to eight young. They can feed on your landscaping and irrigation system if given the chance – which is why we recommend having your yard inspected by our pest control experts.

Ground squirrels are also known for chewing holes in vinyl siding and gnawing at foundations through porches or decks. They may also carry diseases such as plague which is transmitted through fleas found on rodents like rats or mice.

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Ground squirrels are not only cute, but also a problem for many homeowners in Livermore. These rodents burrow under driveways, sidewalks and foundations of homes. These critters can cause damage to these structures over time if they are left unchecked.

When it comes to ground squirrel control, we have the experience to get the job done right and protect your property from future problems

Ground squirrels can be difficult to remove because they live in underground burrows that are very large and complex. Inexperienced people may attempt to get rid of them on their own by using poisons or traps. Some of the DIY methods can cause more damage than good if not handled properly. Even worse is when these methods don’t work at all! Do yourself a favor and call Killroy for your Livermore pest control needs!

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Our team at Killroy Pest Control has been dealing with ground squirrels in Livermore for years. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you with any wild animal problem and we have a great track record of success. If you need help dealing with your ground squirrel problem, give us a call today!

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