Get a Termite Inspection Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Benefits of Getting a Termite Inspection Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Putting your home up for sale can be an exciting and overwhelming experience all at once. Many things will need to be taken care of before the deal can be completed, and there is a good chance that a home inspection will be on the list. A lot of sellers wait until the prospective buyer or their lender requests and initiates an inspection before having it done, but this can actually leave a seller in an uncertain position. No one can ever be positive on what the findings will be, so to avoid any unpleasant surprises, a seller should have their own home and termite inspection done ahead of time by a trusted termite inspection company. There are several overlooked benefits to getting this task out of the way before a home is even listed.

You Can Find a Solution on Your Own Terms

Having an inspection done early on in the selling process allows you plenty of time to come up with a plan of action on your own terms in the event that problems are found. If you wait until the last minute, you may feel pressured to take a lower price on the home or find a contractor to quickly make repairs, which will come at a much higher cost than if you had time to acquire several estimates and find the best deal. Being given just a few days to determine what to do in order to keep a buyer’s interest can be very stressful, and a rushed decision won’t typically turn out to be in your favor.

You Know an Exact Price Range to Negotiate In

Setting a fair sale price depends on many factors and is sometimes difficult to figure out because you don’t want to get it wrong, but knowing the results of your home and termite inspection allows you to get an idea of the range you can expect to negotiate in. Instead of being forced to drop your asking price and losing money in the last stages of the deal because of a termite infestation or other problems, find out just where you stand so you still have the opportunity to come out on top.

termite inspection to sell your home

You Are Seen as an Honest Seller

Pre-inspections give you a chance to be completely honest with a prospective buyer, which makes you someone they are more inclined to deal with.

Letting them find out troublesome news about the home on their own can make them question your intent to hide this and anything else and hesitant to continue doing such an important transaction with you.

You Are Able to Prevent Closing Delays

Once a buyer discovers there are complications with the home they are negotiating on, they could very well get scared off and choose to pull out of the deal. In this case, you could be stuck going back to square one trying to find another potential buyer. Even if the buyer decides to go through with the purchase, there will most likely be delays in closing until the issues have been dealt with to their satisfaction. However, you can prevent this from happening if you’ve already identified and taken care of any potential obstacles.


check your home for termites before putting on the market

You Avoid Spending Extra Money on Repairs

Getting a home and termite inspection done after you’ve already made repairs and done renovations can end up costing you much more money. If termite activity is detected, there’s a strong possibility you could have to fix many things around the house again after the proper treatment has been applied. Because you aren’t an expert on home repairs, there’s also the chance that you’ll spend money trying to improve things that don’t actually need it. It’s best to get the advice of an inspector prior to making any restorations on your own.

Investing in a home and termite inspection before putting your home on the market can save you a lot of money, time, and headaches in the long run.

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