Examples of Green Pest Control for Your Home or Office

Examples of Green Pest Control for Your Home or Office


In the United States, pesticides must go through a registration process before being released to the market for use on crops or gardens. The EPA approves the active ingredients in all pesticides and is responsible for their regulation. At Killroy Pest Control we are up to date on safety regulations and can help you find a safer solution for your needs. Our Sensitive Solutions division is a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly pest control company helping to make pest control safe for humans, pets, and the environment.

Our mission is to provide consumers with safe and effective methods to eliminate home pests while maintaining healthy homes, communities, and people.

Advantages of Using Green Pest Control

1. Green Pest Control Does Not Harm the Environment Like Other Pesticides That Use Conventional Products

The most common synthetic pesticides damage humans and the environment as much as insects and plant life. Chemical ingredients in synthetic pesticides have been known to have long-term adverse effects on our atmosphere. They have also been linked to causing many human health problems such as congenital disabilities and cancer.

2. Green Pest Control Is Cheaper

If you follow natural methods, it can be more cost-efficient than conventional pesticides. The reason is that you will use more naturally occurring products to get the same outcome.

3. Green Pest Control Doesn’t Hurt the Pets

Conventional pesticides can be fatal if certain species of pets ingest them. However, green pest control does not harm pets in any way.

4. Green Pest Control Is Safer for Your Family

If kids and humans, in general, consume chemical pesticides, it can be a considerable risk. Green pest control uses natural products that can be ingested safely and have no negative impact on your health or those of the people around you.

Give Natural Pest Control A Shot

Many countries around the world have taken green pest control measures. Numerous places have gone green and are practicing this method of controlling pests. The most notable of these places is the city of Chicago, Illinois.

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