Do you Need Yard Pest Control?

Eliminating pests from your yard are just as important as getting rid of those that you have found inside your home. There’s a good chance that without proper outside pest control for your yard, you could be facing a lawn and tree-damaging situation as well as taking the risk that pests plaguing your outdoor environment could eventually make their way indoors for warmth and more food. Below are helpful tips on detecting and managing yard infestations.

Identifying Common Yard Pests

If you spend any amount of time in your yard, you’re sure to see insects crawling or flying around just about everywhere you look. Many of these don’t pose a threat and aren’t cause for alarm, however, there are several types of pests to watch out for that can definitely wreak havoc on the lawn and trees surrounding your property. These commonly include grubs, mole crickets, fire ants, chinch bugs, mites, aphids, moles, gophers, voles, webworms, billbugs and cutworms. Each species of pest have their own methods of causing destruction, whether it’s by chewing, sucking or burrowing holes, which help to determine the kind of nuisance you’re dealing with.

Evidence of a Pest Invasion

Outdoor pests can be challenging to find as many of them live underground, can easily hide within the soil or only come out when no one is around. Nevertheless, if they are damaging your lawn or trees, they are certain to leave evidence behind that will allow you to know there is a problem. Patches of brown or yellow grass, blades of grass, shrubs and leaves that are thinning, shredded or torn, areas of your lawn that have been loosened from the soil, mounds of dirt, holes in the ground and silvering leaves are all signs that insects and/or rodents are preying on your yard.

Professional Lawn and Tree Pest Control

With the changing seasons bringing out different breeds of pests and the constant cycle of reproduction, year-round pest control is essential in order to maintain a healthy yard. Enlisting the services of a professional yard pest control company is the best way to ensure the proper identification of what is present in your lawn or trees and will guide you in implementing the appropriate treatment program for elimination.

Residential and commercial property owners in need of pest control should have a successful plan in place to take care of their yards and keep them from falling victim to the damaging effects of troublesome insects and rodents.

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