Choosing a Termite Treatment Method

If you suspect termites have invaded your home and are eating away at the foundation and your furniture right underneath you, then it’s important to call in the professionals for a termite inspection right away. The damage these wood-eating pests can cause can be detrimental to your wallet if they aren’t eliminated in a timely fashion. Having a termite inspection company handle the problem may prove to be the most effective at ensuring you get rid of the insects completely and prevent future infestations, but as a homeowner, you have the right to be part of the decision in just which treatment direction to go in. Your termite specialist may recommend a certain control method based on the species of termites found, as well as what you feel is right for your household.

termite treatment methods

Liquid Termiticides

Liquid termite treatments can be categorized as repellent or non-repellent. Repellent chemicals have long been used in the soil surrounding a home to deter termites from possible entry points, While these chemicals don’t necessarily kill the insects, it causes them to turn around and return their outside nest. Non-repellent solutions are intended to be lethal and kill on contact as termites unknowingly crawl right into the treated areas.


Fumigation is still a treatment often used for severe cases of infestations. It requires all household residents and pets to vacate the premises for a period of time to avoid the harmful gases used. Fumigation needs to be carefully prepared for in advance by sealing all food and medicine, removing mattresses and pillows, and extensively watering the home’s perimeter to prevent plant poisoning.

Termite Baits

Termite baits involve infecting any wood product that the pests will be attracted to feed on with poison. As they eat the poisoned baits positioned around the home, termites will end up sharing the toxic food with their colony, gradually killing them all off.


Heat treatments may be used as another termite control method. Temperatures inside the home must be raised to an extreme high for a substantial amount of time, but is more time-sensitive and environmentally friendly than chemical treatments. Smaller items that have been attacked by termites can be placed in a freezer for several days to eradicate the critters.

A termite inspection for your home is the first step to ridding your home of the potentially serious damage that termites can do. Once the severity of your problem has been established, the appropriate steps can be taken to choose an effective treatment method.

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