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Pest Control Resources from Killroy Pest Control

Pest control and termite inspections are part of everyday life experiences when you’re a homeowner, but it can still be difficult for some people to know where to start. Take a look at the list compiled below of some of the best resources in the industry when it comes to these topics for more information on pest management companies, laws and solutions.

California Department of Pesticide Regulation

A department within the California Environmental Protection Agency, the DPR has assembled a comprehensive guide to inform California residents on pesticide laws and regulations. The board implements a plan to protect public health and the environment by scrupulously assessing and controlling potentially harmful pesticides.

Killroy Pest Control YouTube Channel

Informative how-to videos put together by the experts at Killroy Pest Control to give homeowners a visual on inspection and treatment. Highlights alternative pest control solutions for those looking to find a service with a “greener” approach.  

National Pest Management Association

Well-established non-profit organization that encourages the harmless and correct use of pest management treatments by trained pest control professionals. Works to ensure public safety is top priority through promoting the proper education of pest management specialists, provides helpful industry resources and stresses the importance of pest control on our health and well-being.

Provides the public with various facts relating to alternative and less toxic options for home and garden pest control. Gives detailed information on the most common pests found in and around the home and the products that may be used to eliminate them.

Pest Control Technology

Leading pest control magazine that reports on a wide range of topics relevant to the industry. Whether you’re a professional looking for business strategies or a consumer seeking the latest news and advice, Pest Control Technology has you covered.

Thorough resource for answering all your pest control questions. Offers advice on pests from ants to weevils and everything in between, gives homeowners tips on how to choose a pest management company that will best match their needs.

Helpful knowledge for home buyers on all things encompassing a termite inspection from scheduling to clearance. Get advice on hiring a termite inspection company and what to do if treatment is required.

The Bed Bug Registry

Don’t get caught sleeping with bed bugs or bringing them home from your vacation. Use the bed bug registry to find hotels and apartments in California that have been discovered to have a problem with the miniscule creatures and try to avoid an encounter at all costs.  

The Structural Pest Control Board

Supplies informational resources to consumers on termite inspection reports and allows the verification of a license when looking to hire a pest control company. Pest management professionals are able to obtain instructions on getting or renewing a license and read up on the latest laws and regulations. Also gives access to the California Structural Pest Control Act (

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources

Organization that has done extensive research in an effort to assist California pest control programs with integrated pest management and in identifying an assortment of pests specific to the state for the application of proper treatment methods.

Our Team of Technicians

30 employees with over 350 years of combined experience in pest control.

We are small enough to pay special attention to the unique needs of your Bay Area home or business, but we are large enough that our technicians can communicate and work together as a problem-solving team to tackle almost any pest control situation.

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