Indianmeal moth

The Indianmeal moth, Plodia interpunctella, is the most common kitchen pantry pest in California. It’s a small, gray-brown moth that lays its eggs in food products that contain grain or flour. You might find them as large worms writhing around in your cereals, crackers, and other foods.

Indianmeal moths are the most common pantry pest in California. They are a pest that infests food products, usually found in kitchens and pantries where flour, cereal, grain and other dried foods are stored.

Indianmeal moth larvae feed on a wide variety of foods such as grains, seeds nuts and dried fruits. The most common infested product is whole grain flour, which can be an attractive food source because it is high in protein. Indianmeal Moths will also eat refined flours or any type of grain product.

Indianmeal moth
(Indianmeal moth)

Physical features

Indianmeal moth is a small brown moth with an approximate wingspan of about 1/2 to 5/8 inches. The larvae are white, hairy caterpillars and grow up to 1 inch long.


Indianmeal moths are attracted to light, so you may find them around windows. They are also commonly found in the pantry and kitchen cabinets.

Life cycle

The first stage of the life cycle for this insect is the egg. The female adult moth lays her eggs on or near grain products, trash, or other food sources. Eggs hatch in 7 to 12 days and larvae begin to feed on these same products. After feeding, larvae pupate (transform into a different form) and eventually become adults.

Adult moths have a wingspan of 1/2 inch wide and are dark brown with small black dots on their wings. They can be seen flying around lights at night but are weak fliers and will not leave your home unless you take away their food source.

Prevention and control

Food sources

The Indianmeal moth can be found in any area where grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds are stored. The most common foods items they feed on include:

  • Grains (such as wheat, oats and corn)
  • Nuts (almonds and walnuts)
  • Seeds (sunflower seeds)

These moths are not picky eaters. They also consume other types of food products you may have around your house.

Indianmeal moth is the most common pantry pest in California

The Indianmeal moth is a common pantry pest in California. It’s also known as the Mediterranean flour moth and is a serious pest in California. They often appear during warmer months when they emerge to feed on various grains, nuts, dried fruit and other food items found in your home.

In short, Indianmeal moth is a common pantry pest that can be hard to get rid of. Because they live near our food sources and reproduce quickly, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of infestation. If you have any questions about controlling Indianmeal moths or other pests in your home, talk with one of our trained professionals.

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