Rat Pest Control Services in Union City

Killroy can solve your mouse and rat problem effectively and quickly.

Killroy is the expert to help you resolve you rat or mouse problem quickly and effectively.

Have you been hearing scratching sounds at night, found damage or droppings and tracks you suspect are from rats or mice? You will want to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

The physical damage, filth, health concern, nuisance, and potential fire damage from gnawed on wiring can completely disrupt a home.

What may seem like a small problem now can quickly grow into a major headache. Rats are capable of producing up to 3 litters of 6-13 babies annually.

60 Years of expertise solving rat and mouse problems

The rodent control specialists at Killroy Pest Control have been solving rat and mouse problems since 1956.

They have the expertise, knowledge, and training to handle any size, home, office, or commercial property.

Mice and rats, unlike bugs and insects, have a much better sense of preservation and are skilled at evading capture.

The Killroy technicians know and understand the habits and nature of these rodents and are equipped with the tools and strategies to eliminate the problem by excluding or trapping these pests from inside structures.

When appropriate, baiting strategies and techniques may be used on the outside of structures to control the general exterior rodent population.

Stop more rodents from entering

Homes and buildings are designed to defend against rodents. If your structure has been invaded, it is critically important to find the structural breach and secure it. If this is not done properly, there is nothing stopping other rodents from making a new home at your expense. Rats need only an opening the size of a quarter coin to squeeze on through and mice can penetrate a hole, the size of a dime.

A process is required to solve the problem

Resolving your problem requires a multi-step process. The helpful and friendly office staff and technicians are here to walk you through the entire job and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Call now to eliminate your Union City rat or mouse problem

Call Killroy today to find out more and schedule a convenient appointment. We look forward to helping you solve this problem.

Rat Pest Control Services
Rat Pest Control

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