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Killroy’s Sensitive Solutions™

The Bay Area’s Original Natural Pest Control Company Killroy’s special division, Sensitive Solutions, is designed to provide alternative pest control options. We are here for people who do not want to use the traditional pest control approaches.
Green Pest Control

The Bay Area’s Original Organic and Natural Pest Control Service

Our team is passionate and committed to finding the best alternative techniques for solving your special pest control needs.

We are the original “green” pest control company serving the Bay Area since 1993.

We have the training and experience to find alternative solutions to achieve your specific goals.

Attention to Your Needs

We know the importance of learning your detailed wants and needs.

Whether you have concerns about the health of your family and pets, chemical sensitivities, keeping your garden organic, or protecting the environment – our team of experts can help.

The Natural Solutions Experts

This specialty division of Killroy has grown to be larger than many tradition pest control companies.

With our 23 years of experience, we are well-prepared to help you find the natural and organic solution you need.

EcoWise has certified our company.

Finding the Best Creative Solutions

We are skilled at finding the best creative approach to most effectively solve your pest problem for your Saratoga home or office.

Alternative approaches have included using goats to get rid of weeds, controlling ground squirrels with a sand and water slurry, discouraging bugs with nematodes and beneficial insects, and using botanical oils to keep undesirable bugs for homes and yards.

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Ask for a Sensitive Solutions™ specialist.

Sensitive Solutions is the Original Bay Area “Green” Pest Control Service

We are dedicated and we are passionate about finding solutions to your pest problems in a way that will meet your needs and wants.

We are the Bay Area’s original “green” pest control company since 1993.

Our Sensitive Solutions team is specifically trained and experienced in finding creative ways to achieve your desired results.

Looking Out for Your Needs

It is important for us to understand what you want to accomplish and how.

Whether you are protecting the environment or the health of family and pets, or if you have chemical sensitivities, or you are to trying to keep your garden organic, our specialists will work with you.

The Experts

The Sensitive Solutions division of Killroy alone is larger than many pest control companies.

We have the years of experience finding the best natural and organic solutions.

Our company is EcoWise Certified.

Finding Creative Solutions

We are the experts at finding creative alternative pest control methods for Campbell homes and businesses.

Our solutions have ranged from using a sand and water slurry with our Tunnel Topper process to control ground squirrels and repair their damage, to goats to solve weed problems, to discouraging insects with botanical oils, and to using beneficial insects and Nematodes to keep unwanted bugs from Bay Area homes and yards.

To find out more or to schedule an appointment, call us today!

Be sure to ask for the Sensitive Solutions specialists!

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