Flea Pest Control in San Leandro

Has your San Leandro home or office been invaded?

While some people think that a single flea is no big deal, they often don’t realize that where one flea lies a bunch more are hiding out where you can’t see them. Don’t ever assume that you are dealing with something small when it comes to fleas. These parasites are a major problem that needs to be corrected quickly. Turn to someone who can help you take control of your parasite problem with the team at Killroy Pest Control.

Flea Pest Control

How many times have you seen your pet licking their skin in an attempt to control the itching from fleas? Did you know that there is a good chance they could swallow a flea and potentially end up with tapeworms? These parasites live inside of your pets intestines and take the nutrients they need to be healthy. Tapeworms resemble sand, so be on the lookout for them to appear in your pets stool. The best thing you can do is to begin treating it as quickly as possible, and let a professional come in and take care of your home for you.

Fleas take far more than just some powder and a couple fingers to eradicate from your property. It takes experience and expertise if you are ever going to completely restore your property to normal. Killroy has a bunch of specialized equipment and solutions that can help you take control and get back to normal. Wasting time in calling them is only going to make the situation worse than what it should be.

Flea Pest Control Services

Killroy professionals can help to control your flea problem.

Homeowners, business owners and schools all need someone who has experience when it comes to eliminating pests from the property. Instead of wasting time with an inexperienced professional, you should contact the crew at Killroy to discuss your concerns. 60 years of experience says something about a company, which is why you need to turn to them to help with your pest control problems.

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