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Pest control is more than just getting rid of a pest that has invaded your home or property. Pest control is about identifying the root cause of the problem, and using methods that are safe for the environment and for your family. It’s no longer enough to just spray toxic chemicals around your home, which end up in our soil and water supply. Natural pest control and organic pest control will help keep you, your loved ones, and our planet safe from harmful chemicals while still effectively eliminating pests from your property.
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What is Natural Pest Control?

Natural Pest Control is a safer, more environmentally friendly, and humane way to control pests. Natural Pest Control uses natural methods such as plants and materials found in nature that are safe for humans, pets and wildlife to repel or kill the unwanted pests. The use of pesticides or herbicides is not required when using our Natural Pest Control methods.

Natural pest control can be used inside your home or business as well as outside on the lawns and gardens. Natural methods include the use of bats and birds that eat insects to help reduce populations of pests; ladybugs which eat aphids; nematodes that eat grubs; fungi which kills bed bugs; diatomaceous earth (DE) which dehydrates roaches etc.

What is Organic Pest Control?

Organic pest control is a method that uses natural, non-synthetic, or biodegradable products. This method is safe for humans and the environment. Organic pest control does not harm humans or the environment. Organic pest control relies on organic materials to keep pests away from homes and businesses.

Organic pest control companies use different types of natural products such as diatomaceous earth, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil and more to eliminate pests such as ants, mice and rats from properties they manage.

What is Green Pest Control?

Green pest control is a form of pest control that uses pesticides that are safer for people and the environment. While traditional pest control uses chemicals that can be harmful to humans, green pest control uses less toxic products to get rid of pests.


The pest control industry has moved towards all natural, organic, and green methods of pest control and it speaks volumes to the effectiveness of natural pest control and organic pest control.

By using natural pest control or organic pesticides, we are doing our part to help keep the environment safe. Natural Pest Control Methods Can Be A Safe Alternative To Chemical Pesticides Organic Pest Control Services Are More Than Just A Marketing Gimmick: It's How We Do Business!

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There are many green pest control options available, as well as organic and natural pest control. Many companies are going green because of the various benefits it offers to them and their customers. Green pest control is safe for both humans and pets and helps protect the environment from harmful pesticides. Organic pest control is a type of natural pest control that uses only organic products to combat pests instead of synthetic chemicals. In order for any product to be considered organic, it must meet strict guidelines written by government agencies like USDA APHIS (US Department of Agriculture Animal Plant Health Inspection Service) or EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

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