Flea Pest Control in Redwood City

Has your Redwood City home or office been invaded?

Even though fleas are actually quite small in stature, that doesn’t mean they can’t do a lot of damage. In fact, the damage they can cause is more than you realize. They suck your pets’ blood to the point of causing them to become quite ill. Take action from the first minute you see a flea on your family pet. In the end, it will prevent additional problems from affecting you and your pet and making everyone sick.

Flea Pest Control

If your pet is continually chewing on themselves because of a flea problem, they could end up swallowing one of the nasty critters and getting a tapeworm. When that happens, your pet will end up losing out on precious nutrients they need to survive. A tapeworm looks almost like sand, but the effects are far more devastating to your pet. Take the time to discuss what you can do for your home and your pet today.

Powders, collars and sprays aren’t as capable of eliminating fleas from your property and your beloved family pet as some might think. Regardless of what you have been told in the past, that doesn’t mean it is the truth. Spend some time talking with someone who cares at Killroy Pest Control today. You won’t be disappointed in the level of service you are going to receive here. Take a minute and schedule your consultation with a pro today.

Flea Pest Control Services

Killroy professionals can help to control your flea problem.

Many pest control companies will tell you something that isn’t true in an attempt to swindle you out of money. At Killroy, you are going to get nothing but the truth when it comes to dealing with your pest problem. With almost 60 years in the field, it makes sense that you should turn to someone with experience to help. This family-owned enterprise will treat you like one of the family each and every time you deal with them.

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