Wild Animals Pest Control Services in Pleasanton

You’ve invested valuable time and resources into your home, school, or business. But when you encounter a furry pest invasion, your hard-earned investments may be at stake. Killroy Pest Control has time-tested solutions that will protect your investments from scavenging critters.

These rodents leave evidence of their existence with their burrowing and chewing behaviors. So, as soon as you see mouse droppings or mole hills, you need a wild animal pest control service such as Killroy. When furry pests are setting up shop, your premises suffer the effects of their scavenging ways. Mice and rats create repulsive, unsanitary conditions with the urine and droppings they leave everywhere. Rodents of all kinds can chew through wires and wood, causing untold damage and even fires to structures and trees. And skunks cause horrific smells that linger for days on end.

When left unchecked, these creatures will pillage everything in their path. Worse, they often carry parasites, fleas, and diseases. Because furry pests take up residence in hard-to-access locations–in walls, under foundations, or underground–they require strategic methods for removal. Our Pleasanton pest control experts have rarely seen a pest problem we couldn’t resolve. We have a full line of resources and techniques at the ready to serve your needs–whether they be inspection, eradication, or prevention. And because we value your health and the environment, we’ve created a special line of Sensitive Solutions. Whatever the method, our goal is to leave you with a pest-free environment.

Homes, schools, and businesses have been benefiting from our services for over 50 years. Since 1956, our friendly, local service has successfully eradicated many pest populations. With Killroy Pest Control, you don’t have to watch your property, lawn, or garden get destroyed. Let us help with your wild animal pest control. We put our 350 years of pest control experience to work for you. Better yet, we back up our service with a 60-day guarantee.

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