Ground Squirrel Control in Milpitas

Do you have ground squirrels damaging your property?

California ground squirrels can cause big problems for Milpitas property owners. Their vast tunnel system can degrade the foundation retaining walls, walkways, and other hardscapes. The gaping burrow openings can cause dangerous tripping hazards for athletes, horses, and livestock. Their ugly holes tend to degrade the looks of lawns and costly landscaping.

Large Infestations

Killroy Pest Control has the solution to your ground squirrel problem. The exclusive Tunnel Topper system uses a slurry of sand and water to fill in the burrows. This not only repairs the damage, but exterminates the cause at the same time. This is a fast and effective process. No poisons are used and it can be used any time of the year. It is a perfect solution for athletic fields, parks, equestrian centers, and golf courses. The results are dramatic. The problem is gone and the damage has been fixed too. There will be a returned sense of safety for your property. Athletes, children, and animals can again confidently use the area.

Residential Problems

Your Killroy specialist will evaluate your situation and determine the best method for solving your problem. The extent of the burrow damage, the presence of household pets, and the surrounding environment are all considered when finding the best solution. Your Killroy specialist and office staff are there to help all of the way to the resolution of your problem. Call 888-669-3460 today for answers to questions or to schedule an appointment. Solve your ground squirrel problem at your Milpitas home or other property.

Ground Squirrel Control

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