Gopher, Mole & Vole Control in Milpitas

Do you have gophers or moles in and around your property?

Big dirt piles all over your yard are an indication that you have a pest underground that is tearing everything up. Once you have identified where the issue lies, you need to take things to the next level and get the pests removed quickly. The best way to do that is to call upon a professional who knows what they are doing to get rid of the gophers or moles.

Gopher Pest Control

Even though many don’t think about the consequences that come with having a mole on their property, you need to. These pests can cause you or one of your animals to break a leg by simply stepping in one of their holes. The best course of action is to eliminate the pest and save your bones along the way. Call upon the pros today to get the job done for you.

Does your school have a pest issue? You should let your principal and maintenance workers know that there is a pest control company out there that can handle just about anything. The experts are Killroy. They have been around for over six decades and have an approach to moles, gophers and other rodents and can get them gone for good off your property, or the school grounds. Having a clean and friendly environment inside and outside the school or the home is essential. Protect your buildings today by calling them for a consultation.

Gopher Damage

Pest control companies today lack lots of expertise, and are only trying to spray the harshest of chemicals hoping that you don’t have a repeated problem that they cannot seem to fix. They want you to be a returning customer, however, they do want to make you think they know what they’re doing. Most only come out and spray a time or two. This is unlikely going to help you. The pest control people at Killroy can get the job done and get the moles, gophers and other rodents of their kind out of your home for good.

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