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Control Pests in Your Trees

Trees can help to minimize sun damage to your roof during the hot Los Banos summer months. However, those trees can also become the home to many pests that aren’t exactly welcomed into the space. Just because these pests are on your trees and working to destroy them, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. The minute you notice your tree looking a little sickly, turn to a professional to help find out what the root of the problem is and how to fix it.

The last thing you want is for someone to get injured due to a tree falling over on someone. Thankfully, you can prevent it from happening by being proactive and calling upon someone who knows the business inside and out with Killroy Pest Control. By letting someone come out and take a look at everything, you can make sure your trees are healthy and everyone in the area is safe and secure at all times.

Even though you might think you know everything there is to know about pests around your trees, that probably isn’t the case. It is important that you know when to treat the particular pest in question. By turning to Killroy Pest Control, you can make sure the pests are taken care of the right way. Certain times of year are better than others when it comes to treating pests, which is why you are better off leaving the spraying to the pros.

Keeping your property in Los Banos safe from pests is the number one priority at Killroy. Whether it be rodents, insects, roaches or anything else, we are here to help. Our goal is to keep you safe from even the smallest of predators. In business for more than 60 years, we provide service to your home, school or business. Schedule your consultation today with a member of our team who has the experience to get the job done for you.

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