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Termites are a common problem in Lathrop, CA. They can cause substantial damage to your home or business and they’re difficult to spot. Killroy Pest Control provides termite treatment and inspection services in the Lathrop area. Call us today for a free estimate!

Termites cause an estimated 5 billion dollars in damage every year.

Termites live in colonies and eat wood, paper or any products these materials are made from.

It’s important to know that termites are social insects, which means they live in colonies and belong to a caste system. Termite workers forage for food, care for the young, build tunnels and keep their colony clean. The queen lays eggs to feed the colony. Once hatched, the worker termites take care of all other tasks like expanding their living quarters by chewing through wood. They also eat paper, cardboard or any products these materials are made from.

If you have an infestation of termites there are three types: subterranean (semi-drywood), drywood/dampwood, dampwood/winged subterranean (wetwood). All types of termite control require professional treatment. Always hire an experienced pest control company in Lathrop with specialised equipment as well as knowledge about where you should treat the infestation.

The best way to protect your home or business from infestation is to have it inspected once a year

Termites are a serious problem. If you want to protect your property from termites, the best way is to have it inspected once per year by a professional pest control company.

The importance of regular inspections cannot be understated. If you are able to catch termite infestations as early as possible in their lifecycle, then you have much better odds at getting rid of them.

Killroy Pest Control provides termite inspection and treatment in Lathrop

If you’re in need of a reliable and trustworthy Lathrop termite inspection company, look to Killroy Pest Control. We’re family-owned and operated with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our mission is to provide customers with quality service at affordable prices.

  • Licensed & Insured: All Killroy Pest Control technicians are licensed and insured to ensure your safety.
  • Free Estimates: You deserve to know how much it will cost before any work begins.
    Free Quotes: Will give you a quote over the phone so that there are no surprises when it comes time for payment!
  • Guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with their workmanship or materials within 30 days, Killroy Pest Control will come back out to correct any problems.

Don't let termites destroy your property. Call Killroy for a free estimate today!

The best way to protect your property from termites is by getting a professional inspection. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your home or business, it’s best to have Killroy Pest Control inspect the area. Even if you think you don’t have any termite activity in your home, we recommend having us check anyway because there are many ways that these pests can enter a building and begin wreaking havoc!

When working with Killroy Pest Control, all of our inspectors will perform an initial examination. They’ll check areas where moisture is present—which includes crawl spaces under houses or buildings. Inspectors also take note of any cracks in walls where there might be insect nests hiding out. If they find anything suspicious during their inspection then they’ll do further testing with special equipment that detects even tiny traces left behind.


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Home inspections are recommended every 2 to 4 years, based on age and condition. Annual inspections may be excessive for our area.

During a full inspection, we thoroughly examine all accessible structures without causing any harm, defacement, or displacement. In the report, we make a note of any inaccessible parts of the structure. On the other hand, a limited inspection is conducted when homeowners specifically point out or suspect damage in a particular area, providing valuable information for identification and estimation purposes.

Not necessarily. Termites commonly attack homes in Lathrop. Subterranean, Drywood, and Dampwood termites all occur in the Bay Area. Subterranean termites nest in soil and can be prevented with termiticide around home foundations. Drywood termites enter wood directly without soil contact.

Fumigators take great pains to avoid any of the fumigant getting confined in nearby buildings. Measurements with a sensitive gas monitoring device show that the gas dissipates very rapidly when not confined under the tarp. In addition, the warning agent “Chloropicrin” (tear gas) is introduced to the structure being fumigated to help determine if any improvements to the seal of the tarp is needed. Tear gas is intolerable well below levels that are toxic. While highly lethal at levels under the tarp, the fumigant Vikane® leaves no residue behind after the proper aeration of the structure.

Remove anything alive (Pets, plants, people!), as well as unprotected foods and medicines not in airtight bags. Canned goods and unopened glass bottles are fine. Corked wine bottles should be removed. You will be given an “Occupants Fumigation Notice” listing all the things that you should remove or bag.

The gas (Vikane) leaves no residue on dishes, furniture, clothing, or anything else in the home. The gas dissipates quickly, and fumigators use sensitive equipment to “clear” the structure for re-occupancy. When you return home, virtually no gas remains, and secondary locks and warning signs will have been removed.

Fumigation will kill most pests in your house. Vikane is not 100% effective on insect eggs at rates used for termites. A higher dosage is used for killing bed bugs.

Fumigation kills the termites presently in your home. Killroy does guarantee our fumigations for 4 years, as it generally takes several years for termites to become a problem again in your house. This is why we recommend an inspection every 2 to 4 years to keep your home protected.


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