Ground Squirrel Control in Lathrop

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If you’re like most people, the thought of rodents in your home or business is enough to make you shudder. Not only are they unsightly and unpleasant to have around, but they also carry diseases that can infect both humans and pets.

But with Killroy Pest Control by your side, getting rid of ground squirrels in the Lathrop area has never been easier. We offer a wide range of services designed to meet all our customers’ needs, including:

  • Free quotes on site visits
  • A thorough inspection of your Lathrop property for signs of a need for rodent pest control
  • A treatment plan tailored specifically to combat any problems you may be experiencing

Ground squirrels are small rodents who live around Lathrop

Ground squirrels are usually brown or gray in color and have a white stripe down their sides. They can be found in many different areas including your lawn and garden, as well as the inside of your home. They enjoy living in fields, yards and pastures and are between 10-15 inches long with a tail longer than their body. If you have noticed any damage to your property caused by ground squirrels, we can help!

Ground squirrels can cause damage to your yard by digging up the soil to create tunnels for them to travel through when they’re looking for food or shelter. These holes also provide an entry point for other animals such as skunks and raccoons who will also use them as a home base.

What do Ground Squirrels Do?

Ground squirrels are usually active during the day and spend most of their time digging holes to store food or make burrows for them to live in. The ground squirrel control service we provide will help keep these pests away from your home.

They can make it hard for you to relax outside without having them around. They will run along the ground and then stop to dig holes before climbing back up the hill to continue their journey through your yard.

Taking care of ground squirrels is best left up to the professionals at Killroy Pest Control.

To get rid of ground squirrels, you need a company with experience. Our pest control experts in Lathrop been taking care of ground squirrels since 1956. We have the experience necessary to make sure your Lathrop property is free from these pesky creatures once and for all. We also have the knowledge on how to make sure they don’t return, so you’ll never see them again!

Our team are professional exterminators who specialize in ground squirrel control. They do a great job, have a great reputation, are licensed and insured. Give us a call today.

Ground Squirrel Control

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