Mouse Pest Control in Hollister

Do you have mice in and around your home?

Killroy Pest Control can solve your mouse problem quickly and effectively. Have you heard scratching sounds in the night, found tracks or dropping, or discovered damage you suspect is from mice? This is a problem you want to address as soon as possible.

The physical damage, potential fire risk from gnawed on wiring, health concerns, nuisance, and filth can completely disrupt a peaceful home.

60 Years of Solving The Bay Area’s Mouse Problems

Our rodent control experts have been solving these kinds of problems since 1956. We also deal with rat pest control in Hollister and any other kind of animal pest control services you may need.

They have the training and experience to handle any size home, office, or commercial building.

Unlike other invading pests such as insects and bugs, rats and mice have a much better sense of preservation and are highly skilled at evading capture.

Our Hollister pest control specialists know and understand the nature and habits of these rodents that may invade your home in Hollister and the Bay Area. Killroy is equipped with effective tools and strategies to eliminate the problem by trapping or excluding these pests from inside structures.

When appropriate, baiting techniques can be used outside of buildings to control the general exterior rodent population.

Prevent rodents from entering

Homes and commercial buildings are made to keep rodents out. If rodents have invaded your building, it is critically important to find where they are getting in and close off that entry. Without doing this properly, there is nothing to prevent more rodents from coming in also. Rats need an opening only the size of a quarter coin to squeeze on through and mice can penetrate an opening the size of a dime.

The resolution of your problem is a process

A multi-step process is required to resolve your rodent invasion problem. The friendly and helpful Killroy office staff and technicians are here to guide you through the entire procedure and ensure it goes as easily for you as possible.

Call now to quickly solve your mouse problem in Hollister CA

Call today to find out more and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you quickly resolve this problem.

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