Wild Animals Pest Control Services in Emeryville

Wild animals are wild and are not meant to be in your home, school, or business. When you hear squeaking, scratching, nibbling, or other strange sounds, you may have a problem with furry pests. At Killroy Pest Control, we know how to get rid of those critters for good. We’re experts at wild animal pest control. So if you’re tired of hearing strange noises and dealing with those crazy critters, you can turn to us.

Whether they’re setting up nests in your walls, burrowing under your foundation, or creating a network of tunnels in your lawn, rodents can damage structures, cause diseases, and contaminate food. These furry creatures know no bounds to destruction. If left unchecked, they can cause considerable damage to your property–sometimes even causing fires from chewing through wire! And if they’re inside where they’re not supposed to be, they’re just gross. Mice and rats, especially, leave urine and droppings that cause diseases.

Killroy knows how to target the source of your pest problem. We find all the possible entry points for pests. Not only do we take care of the wild animals that have already taken up residence in your property, but we also create lasting solutions so they never return. Now that’s a relief, especially if you’ve been fighting the same rodent problem over and over. With our top-of-the-line tools and solutions, we know how to bring solutions that are safe, effective, and legal.

Killroy Pest Control has a stellar reputation as a family-owned business that’s been in operation since 1956. Our track record of wild animal pest control—-mice, rats, skunks, ground squirrels, gophers, and moles–is impeccable. Just ask our many happy customers who are now pest-free. When it comes to getting rid of furry pest populations in your home, school, or business, we know just what to do. Don’t try to take care of it yourself–get us to help you.

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We provide commercial and residential pest control services in the South San Francisco Bay, Tri-Valley areas, and Santa Cruz County.

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