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Finding a pest control service can be tricky, especially if you don’t understand the type of spiders you are dealing with. Different techniques are normally often used to exterminate different types of spiders. Despite the fact that any product labeled insecticide can work, some are more effective than others.

Spider Pest Control Services

Types of spiders: There are many types of spiders in the Dublin area, but there are four types of spiders likely found in homes. Interest is finding out more? Read our page about common spider types in California.

Black Widow or Latrodectus Hesperus

Black widow: This is a common and venomous spider. It is shiny black with a red hourglass on the abdomen. They build chaotic webs

Wolf Spider

Wolf spider: Very large and harmless spider. It doesn’t hand out on webs

Brown Recluse or Loxosceles Reclusa

Brown Recluse: It has a violin-shaped marking on its dorsum. The spider measures between six and 20 mm but can grow larger than this.

Cellar spider: A very skinny and harmless spider with light brown and long legs. It usually builds its web all over the house.

All these spider species are often attracted by the warmth in your home and can turn into a serious infestation problem if not stopped early.

The black widow spider loves to construct webs in dark and cool areas of your home. It is easy to spot them underneath those green rain catchers found between logs, stairs and bricks. Their webs are very sticky. You should be careful with this type of spider because a single bite may land you in a hospital bed. Sometimes they can also infest below the basements and garages. You should try to treat the rain catchers as well as landscaping around your home.

The brown Recluse is commonly found in the living room areas. Its color ranges from tan brown to dark brown with uniformly colored stripes on the abdomen. They have thin and long legs without conspicuous spines. The most distinguishing feature of the brown recluse is the dark violin-shaped mark on the back.

Wolf spiders occasionally invade homes. They move with a lot of speed. Most people freak out when they see them because of their size and hairy nature. If you notice a lot of wolf spiders around, chances are there are bugs like cricket in your home they are feeding on. Ensure all your doors and windows are tightly locked because they can squeeze through very tight spaces.

It is difficult to use spaying for spiders like other insects. This is because spiders don’t groom themselves together.

Signs of Spider Infestation

There are several ways to know whether you have spider infestation or not. Below are some of the common signs:

Spider and Webs

Almost all spider species construct webs. The size and design of the web will vary with the species. Some are funnel-shaped while others are orb-shaped. For example, black widow spiders create messy dens meant to trap insects.

Spiders and Borrows

Some spiders live in borrows instead of webs. It would be a good idea to check those dark and hidden areas for spiders.

Where to Find Spiders

There are some species that get attracted to moist areas. Try checking your walls, basement, sheds and other damp areas.

What do Spiders Eat?

Spiders usually feed on other insects like flies, woodlice, ants and other spiders. You can almost be certain of the presence of spiders where there’s a huge supply of such insects in your home.

What Causes Spider Infestation?

As temperatures go down during autumn, spiders often start coming from their hideouts looking for mates. Most of them usually die off as autumn comes to an end. Some may hibernate until the next season. Homeowners should therefore be on the lookout for spider infestations during cold seasons.

The other reason why spiders may be infesting your home is in search for food. As mentioned earlier, spiders feed on different types of insects and some of those insects are found in our homes. One major sign of spiders in your home is the existence of webs in bushes around your home.

Spider eggs

There are high chances that you have come across spider eggs around your house. Considering the fact that spiders originate from eggs, you should know what to do when you notice them anywhere near your home.

How Many Eggs do Spiders Lay?

Spiders lay eggs after mating with males. The female keeps the sperm and fertilizes it at an appropriate time. Female spiders lay hundreds of eggs to ensure their species survives. You may find several hundreds of eggs placed in an egg sac.

Spider Extermination

For most homeowners, a spider infestation is the worst type of insect invasion they can have. While spiders are a nuisance to some, others have an inherent phobia of spiders. But is important to remember that spiders play an important role in the ecosystem. They help in controlling bug population.

Spider pest control companies have special equipment and chemicals that they use to eradicate spiders in the home. The first thing most of them do is to conduct an inspection to establish the source of spiders in your home.

If you are suspecting a spider infestation in your home, the best thing is to contact a pest control service company immediately. Some spider species are venomous and their presence in your home can be a real threat to your health.

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