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The Killroy Kens!

Ken M. and Kenneth H. Get to know our team.


Do you have any olive trees or other fruit bearing trees that produce a harvest you don’t reap? Do you walk across your pathways and try to avoid the mess of fallen olives or fruit?

Perhaps you have liquid amber trees that drip all over your car or the sidewalk. Wouldn’t you like to reduce this problem?

In the late 40’s and 50’s, the Greatest Generation returned from the war and were availing themselves of the benefits of the GI Bill. The bill greatly enhanced their ability to be proud homeowners.

In our area, they frequently planted fruit trees in their yards. Homeowners would nurture these mini orchards and harvest the “fruits of their labor”, canning, drying and sharing the bounty.

Generations passed and new homeowners purchased these properties. Many of them didn’t have the time or desire to continue maintaining and harvesting these trees. As a result, the fruit is often left unused and rots on the ground. It creates a mess which can be tracked into houses and vehicles.

Want to reduce the mess? Killroy Pest Control has a solution. After years of research, botanists have developed growth regulators that inhibit fruit production. Killroy’s professionals can work with you to develop a fruit mitigation program specific to your yard’s needs.

Timing is critical and weather can play a role, but the benefits are measurable. Give us a call at 888 669-3460 or email us and ask for Ken or Kenneth and they can discuss your particular situation. It is just one more way of saying “Killroy was here.”

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As a family-owned company friends and family play a very important role in our day-to- day business. If you know someone who’s been experiencing a pest infestation – tree related or not – we can help.

If your referral becomes a Killroy customer have them drop your name and Killroy will send you a thank you gift in the mail. If you have been referred by someone please let us know and we will thank them as well!

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Ken Macedo came to Killroy Pest Control decades ago. Formerly, Ken ran a machine shop at the back of the current Killroy property. When he decided to make a career change, Killroy jumped at the opportunity to bring him into the fold. 

Over time, Ken became our Specialty Services go-to guy. He organizes and services our wintertime tree applications and runs our weed management programs. He also helps maintain all the necessary equipment. Now, Ken is part of the fabric of Killroy. 

Fast forward a “few” years and Killroy struck gold again with Kenneth Hamilton. Kenneth came to Killroy with no experience in the pest management industry. But he learned quickly and was soon one of the stalwarts that make Killroy a great company. Kenneth’s steadfast reliability and great attitude caught the attention of Ken Macedo. They soon formed a close friendship. 

As our Specialty Services expanded, Ken was going to need some help. Who better to help out than Kenneth? Now, when you call Killroy for tree services or to create fire defensible space by getting rid of weeds, The Kens team up to help you solve your problems. 

Call us and ask for The Kens! 888 669-3460

Ken at Killroy Pest Control
Ken Macedo
Kenneth at Killroy Pest Control
Kenneth Hamilton
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