How to Adjust Your Pest Control Techniques For the Changing Season

Pests are a year-round problem that can torment residential and commercial properties if proper prevention practices aren’t put into place. As soon as you feel relief that you’ve eliminated one type of infestation from your household or business, the seasons change and a whole different one can pop up that makes you just want to hang your head in despair. This is why your pest control efforts must be continued throughout the year. So as you’re getting ready to say goodbye to summer and the mosquitoes, wasps and bees that have been hanging around outside, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep the new batch of insects and rodents away as they begin to look for shelter this fall.

Perimeter Treatment

The key to successful pest control is stopping any would-be intruders from actually making it inside. It’s much harder to get rid of them once they’re already in and start to hide in all different cracks, crevices and corners, so having a perimeter barrier treatment applied around your property is one of the most helpful strategies used to accomplish this. Your professional pest control company will set you up with a line of defense that will prevent insects and rodents from ever getting indoors.

Yard Cleanup

In addition to a barrier treatment, keeping your yard free of debris, large piles of leaves and stacks of wood is an important pest control technique. These are all things that appeal to critters and provide a place for them to hide long enough until they can find a building’s entry point. Maintain a clean, raked and trimmed lawn and bundle firewood a good distance from your structure’s foundation.

Check For Cracks/Holes/Rips

You may not think about cracks underneath doors or windows, holes in vents, or rips in screens too much in the summertime when you have everything closed up to run the air conditioner and wouldn’t really notice a cool breeze coming in anyway, but you can be sure pests will take notice and sneak in the first chance they get. As you start to open doors and windows more often to breathe in the fresh fall air and gear up to insulate for the cooler months, make sure doors and windows are caulked, all screens are secure and free of openings and weather stripping is in place.

Inspect Your Chimney

There may be some fall days that are cold enough to allow you to cozy up to the fire, but before you do, you want to make sure that no pests have been able to settle in and make a home in your chimney. Chimney caps or heavy duty screens will help seal this area off and hinder unwanted guests from finding shelter through the winter in your residence or office space.

Cooler outdoor weather and depleting food sources cause insects and rodents to start heading indoors wherever they can find access. To make sure that it’s not your home or business that they discover a way into, follow the pest control steps above.

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